Travelling with pets

Pets transportation

Georgian Airways accepts for the transportation domestic animals dogs and cats both in the passenger cabin and in the hold of the aircraft.

Please make sure that you have all the necessary documents for the transportation.

Please observe the governmental regulations concerning the import and export of the respective countries.

Please notify at the time of booking that you are traveling with your pet.

Georgian Airways accepts dogs and cats under the following conditions:

  • puppies and kittens – minimum age of 4 months;
  • must be healthy;
  • must be kept in a leak- proof kennel during the whole flight (except guide dogs);

We do not accept pregnant animals!       

Pets in the passenger cabin

Total weight of the animal and the container must not exceed 6kg/18lbs, the dimensions 55x35x20. We do not provide containers, please bring your own.

Animals in the aircraft hold

Animals exceeding 6kg/18lbs can be accepted in the aircraft hold only.

Please notify at the time of booking the combined weight and the dimensions of the kennel.

The animal shall only be carried in a kennel which meets the specifications of IATA (International Air Transport Association).

The requirements of the container:

  • rigid plastic kennel with a metal door suitable for travel by air;
  • clean, leak and escape proof;
  • ventilated on three sides;
  • must have enough space to allow the animal to stand up, move and lie down in a natural manner;
  • must have absorbent material on the floor;

Copies of valid health documents in English must be attached to the kennel in an envelope.

Georgian Airways may refuse transportation if the above requirements are not met.

Charges for the transportation of animals in the passenger cabin and the aircraft hold

Transportation of animals is not included in the free baggage allowance.

Normal excess baggage charges apply for the combined weight. 

Service animals

A service animal is a guide dog that accompanies a passenger with reduced mobility. The animal must be pre-notified.

The passenger must hold a certificate that proves the status 'service animal'

Those animals are accepted free of charge.

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